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Should a Brand Be Your Therapist?

真人线下视频在线观看Lola tampons, Coach, and more are offering life advice with your purchase.

Casper, Mattress Firm, and the Retail Lifecycle

The mattress brand disrupted the category online. Now it’s coming for the retail space too.

Of Course There’s a Vest Vending Machine at the San Francisco Airport

真人线下视频在线观看A Uniqlo vending machine has been selling $10,000 in vests each month.

Target’s Mock-CBGB Storefront Drew Criticism — Then People Went Shopping

Even while shopping at a new Target store, East Village residents had mixed feelings about the chain’s presence.

Nike’s New Store Concept Aims to Change How We Shop

真人线下视频在线观看The new stores blur the lines between digital and physical retail.

Gymboree Relaunched Its Kids Clothes, and Lots of Parents Hate It

真人线下视频在线观看Many are furious the children’s clothing brand is making clothes that look like they are for "mini teenagers."

Prime Day Was Huge For Amazon ... and Target

Prime Day 2018 saw over 100 million products sold.

TaskRabbit’s CEO Went Undercover to Clean an Apartment

The TaskRabbit executive said she "felt the pressure" of working as a tasker.

How Amazon Prime Took Over Online Shopping

真人线下视频在线观看Prime Day is Amazon’s own Black Friday for its millions of subscribers.

Amazon Turned Prime Day into a Massive Media Moment

Amazon Prime Day is summer’s Black Friday, and practically a national holiday.

Forbes List Proves Women Have Always Made Millions in Beauty

真人线下视频在线观看Kylie Jenner comes from a long history of women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Casper Is Opening a Nap Store

真人线下视频在线观看For $25, you can nap on a Casper bed for 45 minutes.

J.Crew Teamed Up With Universal Standard on a Plus Collection

真人线下视频在线观看The 37-piece collab runs from size XXS through 5X.

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#BoycottWalmart, explained.

You Can Soon Buy Custom Fast Fashion from Japan’s Biggest E-Comm Company

Zozotown, started by a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, is about to launch in the US.

H&M Is Leaning Into Discounts

真人线下视频在线观看It has $4.3 billion worth of inventory it needs to get rid of.

How David Beckham Became the Most Marketable Man in the World

The former soccer star has transcended sports to build a fashion and luxury empire.

Google’s Uncanny New Robot Could Book Your Next Haircut

真人线下视频在线观看Google Duplex, the company’s new AI technology, is designed to schedule appointments over the phone.

Anthropologie Rolls Out a Luxury Wellness Section

真人线下视频在线观看The store now sells aromatherapy necklaces and "detox" teas.

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真人线下视频在线观看The entrepreneur is the first independent director for the startup beauty brand.

The Supreme Court’s Online Sales Tax Decision Is Going to Cost You

In a decision for South Dakota v. Wayfair, SCOTUS has ruled that states can collect sales tax.

Shoppers Spent Nearly $10 Billion on Chanel Last Year

The notoriously secretive brand has shared its sales numbers for the first time ever.

IRL Stores Are Doing It For the ’Gram

Everyone’s favorite social media platform might be the best argument for brick-and-mortar Urban Outfitters and American Eagle.

H&M Has Been Quietly Changing Its Sizing

真人线下视频在线观看A sweeping change for the Swedish retailer’s sizing scale is more inclusive and more accurate to North American standards. And it’s already underway.

How “Bullying” Amazon Killed a Seattle Tax Meant to Help the Homeless

The "head tax" would have helped support the city’s homeless population.

California Bill Would Make Companies Add Women to Their Boards

真人线下视频在线观看Companies without any women on their boards, like Skechers and Tivo, would have to add one by 2019.

Is Inclusive Sizing Just Another Trend?

真人线下视频在线观看Target, Walmart, and even Reformation are expanding their offerings, and members of the plus community hope that’s here to stay.

A DSW Employee Says the Company Is Dropping Ivanka Trump Shoes

The Ivanka Trump brand, however, refutes this claim.

J.Crew Will Relaunch This Fall

It’ll include a new loyalty program and a "data-driven personalization engine."

A Stuart Weitzman Exec Is Suing the Company for Sexual Harassment

真人线下视频在线观看A VP says he was the victim of a "constant barrage of sexual harassment" from the former creative director.

De Beers Is Coming for the Synthetic Diamond Industry

真人线下视频在线观看Its lab-grown diamonds will start at $200, regarding the stones like "costume jewelry."

Goop’s Winning Retail Formula? It Doesn’t Have to Pay for Its Stores

Brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Cadillac sponsor Goop’s pop-ups in exchange for exposure to its customers.

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